Dragon-Tiger สุดยอดเกมไพ่ที่ครองใจผู้คนที่ชื่นชอบการเล่นเกมไว

Internationally it is called a dragon tiger, but the name that players in our house call “Tiger Dragon”, which is derived from the English translation with the image on the table directly. When looking at the table, one side is separated into the image of a tiger. The other side is separated into dragons. From this point on, you may already be able to see that the thousands of moves are divided into two sides.
In the game, dragon triger uses only 1 card to play and there are no more card calls. Use only one card only This is an important charm that attracts hundreds of thousands of players each year.


In general, there are 13 types of cards in the game, starting from the card with the most points in this game: K, followed by Q, J, 10 and then reduced to 4,3,2 and the cards that The smallest point in dragontiger is A,
so if during the game The side that you bet on opens the card into a K card. The chances of winning are in your hands. But sometimes the dealer opens to see the cards of the opposite side first Which we have to try to win that side with a low score of less than 4 to be enough to help feel comfortable, but if getting a A card is even better, almost do not have to hope for the card itself at all like this because the chances of winning are very high

Betting options

As is known, there are two main types of card games, but there are actually 3 types that players favor. Is the following options

  • Dragon
  • Tiger
  • Tie Game (Tie)

Here are the 3 main options that most players think they have a chance to win the game. This is also the option they intended to bet from before entering the dragon tigers, although there are other options such as double stabbing, high / low point, which may be seen in dragon evolution games. That there are more options
But even so, the person who placed the bet didn’t give a good response. For the reason that they entered the tiger dragon card game, the charm of this game is to bet one side between the tiger or the dragon Clearly measure each other, but if it is another option, then there is no need to come into this game You can play dice or baccarat instead.

How to play and rate

The form of dragon tige has a very easy way to play. In most cases, it is a fight between the cards of the Tiger side and the Dragon cards. The dealer will deal 1 card for each side and turn you to bet on which side card has more points. That side will win and receive the money The rules of this game are just that
simple, whether you bet on the tiger side or on the dragon side. The odds of both sides are equal, ie bet 1 is 1, which for dragon evolution games is considered appropriate. Tie the tie game (tie) and win the bet to get the payout of the 1st bet rate 8. It
is very interesting is the rate Pay the draw result of dragontiger, pay equal to Baccarat But the chances that this game will always come out are more than baccarat. From looking at playing in the super tiger casino, the draw results are often more often. Which may be because the Tiger Dragon doesn’t have an additional card called like Baccarat Making it seem more likely that the result will come out equal

Live casino

Inside the online casino website, there will be a live dragon casino section which you can click into the game category. Will see the live casino placed in it The special thing about it is that you get to participate. Interact with other players during play Or at least have a dealer from the casino to give you a live card to
gamble dragon triger through the live casino. Keep acting from the casino. And the other is the table where dragon evolve games allow players to bet on various options

Placing a bet

Whether you are betting on the normal dragon tige game or the tiger game live, the betting position is the same. Is to let players put their chips where they want to bet and believe they will win By placing bets in the amount you want straight away Able to choose the amount to bet rather freely
One thing that should not be forgotten is that after pressing the bet already. In the game, we will press the “Confirm” button to reiterate that we will really bet on that point. If you change your mind, press the cancel button. In addition, if anyone wants to bet on the same spot as the previous bet Can press the replay button To place bets in the same position

Playback statistics

Tiger-Dragon online is another game that you can check the past statistics. Which is in the same manner as many casino games that can do this as well There will be a white window that shows a small circle and has the initials. If D is the Dragon side, while the T side is Tiger, but if the green T is the Tie. Game equals draw results
We can review the statistics of past playback. Considered to be part of the decision to place bets on players as well. Which some players can not decide what to bet There are some ways to see if the previous eye or in the last 15 eyes. Which side wins the most? In case of using this formula to place bets on that side
There is one point you should know. In other words, the statistics of the dragon tigers playing will only record the winning results between the tiger and the dragon. Including only draw results Does not record winning results from other formats such as high cards, low cards or double cards in any way.

Summary of Dragon Tiger

At this point, many players may already know about how to play this type of dragontiger. There may be some ways to play dragon evolve games. It can be seen that the highlight of this game is that it takes less time per game. Since each game uses only 2 cards and then see which side of the cards have more points. In addition, there are very few options making it easier to make a decision.
Going to finish playing as soon as possible will be a normal game on the website. Not like a live casino Because playing in that way, there will be a timer in every game, but in that way, it will have a better experience. You may like more than just getting involved in games. And then in some live casinos of Tiger’s Dragon You can also chat with other players through the chat page.